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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero


Do you need to take some time out with a holistic holiday that cares for the well-being of body and mind? Yoga and bodywork are central to our course programme and every day is started with an optional session of either Yoga or Tai Chi. Well-being can derived and explored though the body, so we have a good range of courses with movement as the core activity. You will find Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais and more.

All our course leaders are experienced not only in their chosen art, but also with group facilitation and are skilled in supporting every individual on their unique journey. Some people come with a distinct need to rest, to have fun, or to heal; others want to learn a specific form of bodywork, whether for personal or professional interest.

Some weeks have two courses; please choose one.
Courses marked CALL have limited single room availabilty. Please call +44 (0)1494-765775
Date Course Leaders Price Places
Date:July 28 - August 4 July 28
- August 4
Course: Yoga and Alexander Technique
Learn the art of change
Leaders: Simon Owen Price:£730.00 Places:CALL
Date: August 4 - 11 August 4 - 11 Course: Go With The Flow
Feeding and nourishing your life
Leaders: Amanda Brown Price:£730.00 Places:Yes
Date:August 18 - 25 August 18 - 25 Course: Yoga, Life And Laughter
From the stillness of yoga, to the joy of your heart
Leaders: Ailon Freedman Price:£730.00 Places:CALL
Date: August 25
- September 1
August 25 - September 1
Course: Movement For Life
Re-educate your body. Move freely. Live fully
Leaders: Judy Greenman Price:£730.00 Places:FULL
Date:October 20 - 27 October 20 - 27 Course: Move With Ease - The Feldenkrais® Method
" make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant
Leaders: Tina Lehmbeck Price:£730.00 Places:YES
Date: October 27
- November 3
October 27 - November 3
Course: Embracing The Tiger: Tai Chi and Chi Kung
Release the energy to refresh and empower yourself!
Leaders: Trevor Taylor Price:£730.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 27/07/2018)


Date:March 23 - 30 March 23 - 30 Course: Spring Into Life
Renew yourself, in tune with the season
Leaders: Nigel Shamash Price:£710.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 23/09/2018)
(booked before 23/12/2018)
Date: March 30
- April 6
March 30 - April 6
Course: Movement In The Light
Radiant body, awakened mind
Leaders: Jason Chan and Waisum Chan Price:£720.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 30/09/2018)
(booked before 30/12/2018)
Date:April 13 - 20 April 13 - 20 Course: Private Booking
Yoga and Mindfulness for parents and professionals working or living with young people
Leaders: Teen Yoga Price: Places:YES
Date: April 20 - 27 April 20 - 27 Course: Pure Yoga
Gentle Practice, Self Discovery, Healing, Transformation
Leaders: Leonie Dunlop Price:£720.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 20/10/2018)
(booked before 20/01/2019)
Date:June 22 - 29 June 22 - 29 Course: Yoga And Meditation
For health and harmony
Leaders: Andrea Newman Price:£730.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 22/12/2018)
(booked before 22/03/2019)

If you see "CALL" alongside a course, it means that it is nearly full and/or that some room types are full. We can often find a way around such problems if we can discuss your preferences with you.

* Early booking discounts: terms and conditions apply. Available on request.