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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Spain's leading centre for alternative holidays since 1986

Why do people come here and why do they come back?


In the sunniest climate in Europe

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The place to be

  • refreshed and renewed;
  • free to express the real you;
  • exploring your unique potentials;
  • connecting with others, and
  • finding joy and excitement in life!

Where you'll find ...

A breathtakingly beautiful alternative holiday centre like no other; in a magnificent Andalucian mountain setting; delightful accommodation and delicious healthy food. There's a superb range of holistic personal development courses and retreats, with outstanding facilitators; yoga, tai chi, dance, massage and more - all in "one of the most inspiring and uplifting areas in the world" (National Geographic magazine).
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Live The Life You Want!

"If I only had 7 days left and a choice of where to spend such precious time, it would be at Cortijo Romero!" John Francis

Earlybird discounts

If you book your holiday 6 months ahead, you get a £60 Earlybird discount; 3 months ahead saves you £30. You only have to place your £100 deposit to do this. Scroll down through our course calendar, to see the Earlybird prices and dates. 

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2018 holiday brochure out now!

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70% of our our guests come on personal recommendation - and most return. Need we say more?