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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Solo Holidays

A holiday at Cortijo Romero is not a "singles holiday", in that your relationship status is not usually the focus - unless that's the topic of the course you've picked, naturally!  (We do run a few courses that focus on relationships and they are usually very popular - not just with single people but also those in a relationship.)

However, whatever your choice of holiday, a visit to Cortijo Romero makes the ideal solo holiday, whether you are single or partnered. (Couples also like to holiday here of course, although they are usually in the minority.) 

Many people want to make meaningful connections with others on all sorts of levels and you are almost certain to meet new people with similar outlooks and interests. Many strong friendships are forged and we've even been "responsible" for a few weddings!

So, if you are concerned about coming on your own, please be re-assured - solo travellers are in the majority here.  We have single rooms available, but others are shared with one other person, which gives you a head start getting to know people.

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People Say…

"The positive energy and supportive, caring people. The sense of livingin community. Never feeling lonely or obliged to do something you are not comfortable doing. Beautiful surroundings, great food."

Sarah Jackson