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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Like-Minded People

"Travelling alone, I soon felt a part of what was happening through thoughtful and meaningful conversation and a sense of like-mindedness. I found a tremendous sense of community upon my arrival, partly due to the warm welcome and supportive, caring approach of the staff, and the shared energy of the group keen to embark on the week’s activities." 

Ages range from the early twenties to the retirement years. (The holidays are not suitable for children.) Most come on their own, whether or not they have a partner. An average week has two couples out of a maximum 30 guests. Usually, about 55% of the participants in any week have been before (some many times) and they help newcomers settle in easily.

Occupations vary widely but professionals and service-givers are well represented -  it's a place where they can meet their own needs for a change. However, people rarely spend time asking what others do back home: they are usually too engrossed in the here-and-now.

Some guests have experience of personal development or holistic methods, while others are quite new to them. The nice thing is that we often can't tell the difference when they are here on a course together!

Some of the things guests especially appreciate at Cortijo Romero are aspects of its ethos, such as:

"A sense of vision and self-worth."

"Not just me, me, me - but also relationships, society, nature..."

"Freedom and respect for everybody."

70% of our guests come on recommendation from others - and most return...

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People Say…

"I think the concept of Cortijo Romero is unique in the people it is attracting in a wonderfully empowering environment. Fantastic!!""

Lakvinder Singh