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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Course Methods

Courses usually last up to 20 hours. On weeks with just one course, participants are usually limited to 22. A few work better with up to 30, sub-divided at times, with two staff.  Weeks with two separate courses have a maximum of 30 between them.

The leaders are all highly experienced, among the finest in their field and drawn from many countries. Far more want to work at Cortijo Romero than we have space for, so we choose only the best.

We create a highly supportive atmosphere to help things unfold naturally, without forcing. Methods vary widely, make use of all aspects of being human, and are usually much more engaging, enjoyable and rewarding than those we knew at school or university.

The courses involve a lot of interaction between participants, each contributing to the success of the whole. This process can never be entirely predictable and there needs to be a willingness for everyone to take their share of responsibility for it. What you get out is usually a product of what you put in - no risk, no gain!

They can also help you to better understand and deal with some of the things which may be holding you back: distress, blockages, attitudes, life problems, etc. These are not usually the primary focus and are only dealt with if and when they become an issue for you. However, willingness to face and work with this "dark side" is usually necessary to reach the joy and light beyond. This can be a deeply rewarding experience, freeing the energy you need to en-lighten your life. With skilled help and support, all is possible.

Benefits from the courses are extremely varied. You might improve your ability to ask confidently for what you want; appreciate nature in a deeper way; sing, dance or play freely; give and receive love; deal with fears or life problems; relate more easily; express yourself creatively; or just slow down, relax and meditate. The possibilities are unlimited, ranging from being simply enjoyable to truly life-changing.

Cortijo Romero is a centre for personal development, not an hotel, so the course is a key part of our holidays. Please check that it is something you want to do: there is no point in coming if you don't really want to attend. In such cases, try one of the weeks described below.

Other Weeks

A number of holidays have a "sampler" structure, with a choice of activities instead of a full course. It is also sometimes possible to attend other weeks as a non-participating guest, provided that you have experience of personal development groups.

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People Say…

"My sincere THANKS and APPRECIATION of the most wonderful holiday of my life in Cortijo Romero. Thank you all for developing such a special place."

Lorraine Lohan