Mindful Photography

See the world with fresh eyes; Re-discover the joy of seeing with your camera!

Saturday Apr 27, 2024 to Saturday May 04, 2024


With this light and spontaneous photography course, our goal is to rediscover the joy of seeing through photography; to see in ways that enrich our experience of life in every moment.

It is all about noticing and taking a fresh delight in the world around us, especially in everyday things and moments of light.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”

… Dorothea Lange

The course is suitable for all abilities and with any camera. If you’re a beginner, we'll encourage you to see with fresh eyes, learning the principles of visual design and camera control as you go. If you’re a seasoned enthusiast, a fresh outlook could be the catalyst for a whole new phase in your work.

Through simple mindfulness practices and exercises in seeing, we will help you to more easily find a state of relaxed attentiveness and presence, to be receptive and open, to let photographs come to you naturally and without judgement.

Photography is a perfect activity for helping you to develop mindful practice for everyday living, just as mindfulness enables you to take our photography into new places.

We’ll encourage you to be curious; to put aside preconceptions; to experience with all the senses, and to expand your awareness so that more of the world becomes available for you to delight in. Hopefully you will be able to integrate photography into your daily lives as opposed to thinking of photography as something separate, as a thing in itself.

And, of course, we’ll be sharing, talking, laughing, relaxing – in that beautiful Cortijo Romero way – creating the right conditions for good creative flow.

Some of the ideas we work with include:

- putting aside our preconceptions about what makes for "good" photography

- being mindful, relaxed and attentive in the moment

- letting go - learning to see without judgement

- being aware of our “barriers to seeing” – what gets in the way

- seeing the world without labels

- open, monitoring and focused attention

- sharing, talking, laughing, relaxing: creating the right conditions for good creative flow

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