The Roots of Happiness

"The very source of all happiness is your being-ness; be there!"

Saturday May 28, 2022 to Saturday Jun 04, 2022


After the challenges of this past year, we may feel anything but happy. The limitations we have faced and are facing still can leave us lonely, anxious and bereft. If we’ve been seriously ill or have lost a loved one, happiness isn’t even on our radar. The current uncertainty about when life will change for the better can be disturbing. It’s hard to stay with being and being present. We may get busy and distract ourselves to avoid feelings unfelt, thoughts that torment us, fears about the future. What we lose by staying plugged into our handy technology is living fully in the present moment.

When we are present in our bodies, feelings and experience, only then can we be fully who we are and effectively ride the tides of life. We can let go of ways we haunt ourselves about the past and of fears and fantasies about the future. By dropping into - rather than avoiding - our felt experience, we can discover what we need and move through suffering to happiness. We can savour the beauty, pleasure, creativity and aliveness available to us in big and small ways in the present moment.

On this course we will explore ways to fully connect with ourselves, others and nature; to be fully present in our lives and in our being. We will use movement, music, song, creativity, meditation, the power of the present moment, the therapeutic process of the group and personal work if wanted, to fully inhabit ourselves and our lives.

This workshop counts as 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development.

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