Opening Doors to Invisible Worlds

The ancient art of storytelling

Saturday Mar 12, 2022 to Saturday Mar 19, 2022


Learning the craft of storytelling is fun... serious fun. By the end of Opening Doors to Invisible Worlds, you will have learnt a traditional story, myth, folk tale or fairy tale by heart.

You will acquire techniques for remembering stories, ways to bring them alive in your imagination - and the performance skills needed to engage your audience. All this is allowed to happen naturally, at your own pace, so that there is plenty of time to reflect; to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, to meet other people in the group and share the experience of trying something new.

We are all creators of our own narrative. Exploring myths and fairy tales provides nourishment; inspiration for the stories unfolding in our own lives. This is a space to slow down, get lost in stories and to find again our inner call to the story we want our lives to be telling.

What story will unfold for you during the week - and beyond?

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