Exploring Mindfulness Through Playful Art

Discover your inner presence through playful & expressive art

Saturday May 04, 2024 to Saturday May 11, 2024


Will explore and experience together the fundamental insights of the ancient practice of Sama-Sati, most commonly known as mindfulness. We will do this through brief discussions, active guided meditations and creating expresive and playful art.

Although various western modern art movements inspire these workshops, they are embedded within the ancient Japanese Zen art tradition, which is all about inner stillness, spontaneity, self-expression and a deep sense of curiosity and wonder.

The workshops are for everyone. You don't have to be an artist or consider yourself creative. This course is about process and exploration, not the final product or outcome. It is about noticing and caring. To connect with what we feel and the life that flows through us.

I'm a professional artist and mindfulness teacher, and it is a joy and privilege to share the vibrant combination of art and mindfulness with students. Creating art is a wonderful way to examine the extraordinary power of observing and being aware of the present moment as it unfolds inside and around us. We can then practice attending to our immediate experiences and inner dragons with kindness and compassion.

For those new to mindfulness, it is a therapeutic technique that can reduce stress and anxiety, but it is also so much more than that. It can give you energy and spark creativity, but more importantly, it can give you a sense of presence in your life. A presence that can enable you to live your life more deeply and at ease in the midst of what is.

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