Writing Nature Alive

Meditate, Write, Connect

Saturday May 28, 2022 to Saturday Jun 04, 2022


Combining writing, meditation and breathing practices, Writing Nature Alive gives you the opportunity to connect whole-heartedly with the natural world; to let go and express freely from your authentic source and to emerge with a new perspective.

Facilitator and author Diane Samuels, drawing upon meditations developed with energy healer Ursula Barbieri, invites you to immerse yourself in and be inspired by the physical environment around Cortijo Romero as it flourishes in late Spring. Experience how it feels to become one with the vibrant life-enhancing energy of Nature and embody the five elements: air, earth, fire, water and space.

There will be solo time to tune in quietly and group time to support and share with one another.

Writing exercises will include free-flow, stream of consciousness - diving deeply into words, to tap into your physicality and imagination for playful expression.

We hope, by opening up how we think and feel about our experience of the world and one another, we’ll allow ourselves to be enriched and enlivened, discover new vision, rebalance our sense of belonging as part of a greater whole and tap into deeper aspects of our own true nature in the process.

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