The Courage To Laugh

"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!" Charlie Chaplin
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Saturday Sep 18, 2021 to Saturday Sep 25, 2021


A beautiful holiday for deep, joyful connection and compassionate sharing.

It takes real courage to laugh spontaneously and with an open heart. In these times which present such challenges to our hearts and minds, it is no mean feat to find a humorous response. This week will be an exploration of how to find the joyful centre within, which is light, peaceful and playful. From a spontaneous cauldron of poetry, writing, movement, dance, clowning, play, song, laughter yoga, meditation and ritual, we will create a space where all aspects of ourselves are welcome, with plenty of room to unwind, express fully, relax deeply and re-discover the funny side of life. Taking into account tumultuous times, personal wounds and sorrows, we will learn how to access and exercise our inner "chuckle muscle" and keep it active no matter what, responding with great kindness to ourselves and others. We will also laugh uproariously and have loads of fun in the process, so that returning to our daily lives we may be more open-hearted, loving and joyful.

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A Different Kind of Holiday
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