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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

How You Can Benefit

Our aim is to give you a true holiday - many say it is the best of their life - where you take back far more than a suntan and souvenirs.

  • Be nurtured and refreshed, find new friends and a deeper sense of yourself.
  • Drop the roles, the status games and having to look good. Try things you've never done before and have some enjoyable surprises.
  • Understand life issues better.
  • Make decisions or life changes.
  • Develop more confidence, feel more able to take risks and be better able to go after your dreams.

You'll get far more if you really go for it. We'll provide safety, support and a rich variety of opportunities, in a magnificent setting. The rest is up to you!

"I will come away very enriched, more prepared to make some important decisions in my life, with more acceptance of myself and other people, and with more to share with others."

"I realised on this visit that I am unlikely to get more than I get here on any holiday. This place is truly magic."

Live The Life You Want!

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People Say…

"I was blown away by course as it was my first experience of group therapy. Methods easily understood with huge empathy for each person. All inclusive."

May Higgins