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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero


At Cortijo Romero, we offer a different kind of holiday. Although many of the key features of any good holiday are here - the magnificent setting, the fabulous climate, and the great food - there is something else too. 

  • The holiday is centred around the course of your choice. This means you'll arrive and immediately meet a group of like-minded people with whom you can connect.
  • Some courses will be focussed on a relaxing, rejuvenating holiday; others on a creative or wellbeing week, and still others on personal transformation and change. 
  • All our course facilitators are experienced and will support each person and the group as a whole to get the most out of their week. Sometimes during personal transformation weeks, people can go through what they may describe as 'life-changing' experiences. 
  • Whichever type of holiday you choose, you will often find there are ways that you can 'take the holiday home' with you. For example, people often make a shift towards what they really want in life, feeling empowered to go home and make practical changes.

"I will come away very enriched, more prepared to make some important decisions in my life, with more acceptance of myself and other people, and with more to share with others."

"I realised on this visit that I am unlikely to get more than I get here on any holiday. This place is truly magic."

Live The Life You Want!

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People Say…

"Thank you for your generosity in the form of a bursary without it we would not have been able to step into the wonderful world of Cortijo Romero.... Allowing us to step off the merry-go-round and find ourselves being soothed by its warmth and friendship."

Jean & Roy Jennings