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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero


Are you looking to deepen your understanding of what it means to relate with another? Are your close personal relationships challenging you to grow and increase your own awareness? Could you benefit from learning new ways to communicate at a more meaningful level? These courses are designed to help you look at and work through some of the obstacles that stand in the way of you experiencing fulfilling and happy relationships. The course leaders are very experienced in creating a space that is safe and supportive within the group, facilitating the necessary openness for meaningful change to occur.

The nature of the group is perfect for using different exercises to help bring your personal issues to light, so you can allow yourself to let go of some of the baggage that you may be carrying. During the week, each person can follow their own pace within the healing process they need. These courses combine the opportunity for life-changing work with a relaxing and revitalising holiday. You really do go home with a lot more than a suntan – working on your own ability to relate with others can improve the quality of your experience of relationship in all areas of life.

Some weeks have two courses; please choose one.
Courses marked CALL have limited single room availabilty. Please call +44 (0)1494-765775
Date Course Leaders Price Places
Date:July 1 - 8 July 1 - 8 Course: A Meaningful And Happy Life
Six core practices to enrich your life
Leaders: Maggie (Star) Whiteley Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date: July 8 - 15 July 8 - 15 Course: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Relationships: how we make them and break them
Leaders: Adena Franses Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date:August 26 - September 2 August 26
- September 2
Course: Go With The Flow
Feeding and nourishing your life
Leaders: Amanda Brown Price:£695.00 Places:YES
Date: September 2 - 9 September 2 - 9 Course: Conscious Happiness
What affects our happiness and what we can do to improve it
Leaders: Claudia Tofts
 & Paul Tofts
Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date:October 14 - 21 October 14 - 21 Course: Freeing Up Your Future
A transformational journey
Leaders: Ed Rowland
 & Sarah Rosenthuler
Early bird price:
(booked before 14/07/2017)
Date: October 21 - 28 October 21 - 28 Course: Conscious Relationships
Celebrate your Being, Life and Relationships
Leaders: Jan Day Price:£695.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 21/07/2017)
Date:February 3 - 10 February 3 - 10 Course: Freeing Up Your Future
A transformational Journey
Leaders: Ed Rowland
 & Sarah Rosenthuler
Early bird price:
(booked before 03/08/2017)
(booked before 03/11/2017)

If you see "CALL" alongside a course, it means that it is nearly full and/or that some room types are full. We can often find a way around such problems if we can discuss your preferences with you.

* Early booking discounts: terms and conditions apply. Available on request.