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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Optional Extras

You can book from a range of healing and developmental methods on the spot, with professional practitioners who have long and deep experience. At least four are available most weeks, from:

Brian Barnes: Thai Yoga, Relaxing Massage and Reiki
Brenda Blades: Holistic Massage
Mike Soar: Shiatsu (Japanese Massage)
Maggie Whiteley: "Insights" (structured counselling) and Life Coaching
Matt Hopkins Sports massage

Sessions generally cost 40 euros for 1 hour.

A performance of Spanish songs or similar entertainment is usually available, at 7 euros per guest.

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People Say…

"It's hard to pick any one thing out. The atmosphere, friendliness, supportiveness, food (excellent), accommodation, beautiful place, kindness of course leader (Charlie Moritz) and all others."

Jacky Brine