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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

A Unique Atmosphere

The most important thing for many people is the intimate, supportive and hugely enjoyable atmosphere for which we are famous. This allows them to feel safe and free to relax, let go, experiment, take risks and show their real selves. Typical comments are:

"Like a second home with a wonderful feeling of love, peace, acceptance."

"Liberating, balancing, energising, interesting, stimulating, moving and fun!"

"Radiates warmth, welcome and friendship."

"The spirit of tolerance and acceptance worked wonders for me."

In this atmosphere, groups of strangers (although many are regular guests) rapidly get beyond superficial relationships to make real and meaningful contact. Even if you have never been away on your own before, you should quickly become part of it.

The atmosphere is created partly by people - both staff and guests - and partly through effective and reliable organisation. We believe this makes it possible for us to provide a service which combines human warmth with efficiency; clear boundaries with freedom and choice.

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People Say…

"We had a very memorable experience during the past week at Cortijo Romero that will stay with us forever. We felt cradled by the warmth and support we both received at the centre. We have come home with renewed confidence. We have both learned a lot."

Jean & Roy Jennings