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When is the pool available?

The pool is available for use all year round, but is not heated. Swimming is usually from April - October, although some people use it during the cooler months. Even if you don't go in, it's a wonderful place to sit or sunbathe at any time. By May, many people can't stay out of the pool and midnight bathing is a regular feature in the hottest months.

What is the best day/time to arrive and depart?

Most people travel on the same day that their holiday starts and finishes - usually a Saturday. Your outward flight should arrive either by 12.15 for the early pick-up, or by 15:30 latest for the second pick-up. The minibus driver will meet you in the airport; full details sent when you book.

At the end of the holiday, our bus gets to the airport in good time for flights departing at 12:00 or later. 

A few guests prefer to arrive in Malaga a day (or a few days) early and book into a hotel in Malaga city or one near the airport, beaches and the pick-up point for our bus. (N.B. this operates only on the day the holidays start and finish.) You can often get a cheaper flight by coming earlier, especially mid-week, thus off-setting the hotel cost. Much the same applies for the return journey.

Are the holidays suitable for families with children?

Many guests are also parents, of course, but they often come to Cortijo Romero partly to have a break from family duties. Also, the centrepiece of each holiday is a course or workshop for adults interested in their own development - and it's very difficult to concentrate on that whilst also attending to children. For these reasons, the holidays are for adults only.

Will I be able able to get to Granada city to visit the Alhambra?

Only one or two holidays at Cortijo Romero include an excursion to Granada and the Alhambra. However, it's quite easy to go there by public bus or taxi instead of taking the more local excursion that is included every one of our holidays. We can book a ticket and taxi for you and/or provide bus timetables. 

An alternative is to come to Spain a few days before your holiday at Cortijo Romero (or return a few days after it). Granada is easy to reach by public transport from Malaga and has abundant accommodation of every kind. It's a great place to spend a few days; parts of it are a world heritage site and the Alhambra is one of the wonders of the world. 

Can I book a holiday without attending a course?

Yes, provided that you have been on a course at Cortijo Romero or a similar centre before. However, we recommend this only if you are comfortable being on your own for up to four hours each day, while the course is in session. (The vast majority of guests do attend the course, even those who have been to us many times.) The price is the same whether you take the course or not.

Can I stay on additional days?

This is often possible, when not all the rooms are needed for people booking for the whole week. Please contact the bookings office for details.

I can only get flights to arrive or depart outside your recommended timings. What do I do?

If you can only get flights arriving after, or departing earlier than our recommended timings, please check with our bookings office, +44 (0) 1494 765775, before booking them. We can often still arrange additional transport for you but extra charges will apply. Very late arrivals are not possible.

I have agreed a late arrival or early departure with the bookings office. What am I charged for the transfer for this?

You will be charged £80 for a one-way journey (either a late arrival or early departure from our centre) instead of the £28 minibus fare. This is a subsidised rate and is charged per person (if you booked a taxi yourself, it would cost you about 200 euros or more). Our subsidised rate is available only on the days when our holidays start and finish. 

How do I claim an advertised discount?

Please note when provisionally reserving a place where you have seen the offer with any code if applicable.

Can you do special diets?

Our food is vegetarian. We can cater for most non-meat/fish special diets at an additional charge of £21 per week. Please check with the bookings office first.

Can I fly to another airport in Spain other than Malaga?

There is a good small airport at Granada, with flights operating from London City Airport. These are not as frequent as flights to Malaga, but they tend to be very good value and some people prefer this option, perhaps combining it with an extra few days in Granada, a wonderful city with abundant accommodation of every kind. There is a public bus from Granada and we can collect you (no charge) from the bus stop in our local village. Please ask our office for further details, on 01494 765775.

I've got to cancel my booking. Do I lose my money already paid?

You can always transfer to another week within the next twelve months. Otherwise, cancellation terms are printed on the reverse of your booking confirmation and in our brochure; depending on the amount of notice given, you may get a proportion of your money re-funded. It's a condition of booking that you have travel insurance, which should cover any remaining losses.

Do I qualify for a bursary?

We have a bursary fund for those in receipt of state benefits, who have a very low income or are unpaid carers for a dependent person.

How do I get to your centre from Granada?

From Granada to Cortijo Romero takes about an hour by taxi or hired car. Public buses take 1¼ - 1½ hours. The last bus leaves about 5 p.m. from the city centre. We can collect you (no charge) from the bus stop in our local village.

What discounts are available?

Earlybirds:  Book and pay at least £100 deposit 6 months in advance you will receive a £60 discount; 3 months in advance and you will receive a £30 discount.   

Two Consecutive Weeks: Book two consecutive weeks you will receive a £60 discount. This increases to £150 outside the main season; see our current brochure or contact us for qualifying dates.   
Other Discounts: Offered from time to time on our website, or via our mailing list, and exclusive offers are made to the Friends of Cortijo Romero.
Note: Standard discounts cannot be applied in conjunction with other special offers that may be made from time to time.

Can I make a provisional reservation without paying a deposit?

You can make a provisional reservation with no obligation, without paying any deposit. We will hold the reservation while you make your arrangements, and will always contact you first if we need the space.

Do you cater for disabilities?

Our centre is not on entirely level ground (being in the mountains) and there are a few steps and gently sloped paths in places. Handrails are in place to assist in these areas, and guests in wheelchairs have visited us. Excursions may be more difficult – please contact us to discuss specific needs.

Are the rooms warm outside the main season?

The rooms are all well heated and some also have underfloor heating, so you can be cosy in the cooler months of the year. There are plenty of thick blankets if you need them, and in the lounge you will find a roaring fire to gather round on winter evenings.

What is the average age of guests?

Our guests range in age from mid-thirties right through into the nineties, with the majority being in their fifties and sixties – but the nicest thing is that age doesn’t seem to matter here, and guests often comment that they enjoy feeling free

Is it OK to come as a solo traveler?

Most of our guests travel alone, whether they are actually single or in a relationship. This is an opportunity, for many, to get a fresh perspective on life and discover something new about themselves.

Can I attend both courses in the same week?

When there are two courses running at the same time, you need to choose and book for one course only.

What are the transport costs?

Prices for 2018 holidays are £56 return transfer from Malaga to Cortijo Romero, but this is dependent upon booking flights that meet the transfer bus times. Otherwise we can arrange a private taxi, please ask us for further details.

What clothes should I take?

Well firstly, you don't need anything formal; things are pretty relaxed at Cortijo Romero. Apart from that, it depends on the time of the year.  

From the beginning of May to the end of September, it is hot almost all the time, it very rarely rains and you won't need to wear much at all. However, if you are sensitive to strong sunlight, you might want to have clothes with long sleeves, plus a sun hat. A light jersey or similar should be enough for evenings. 
Outside of those months, the weather is more changeable; it can still be hot and sunny but evenings and early mornings are cooler, so another layer for such times is a good idea. You might get the occasional windy day, so a windproof or waterproof jacket can be useful if you go on the all-day excursion or take walks at other times. In mid-winter, a warm sweater or jacket is a good idea. 
In general, we recommend that you take a variety of light layers, rather than lots of heavy ones; that way, you will have more flexibility. Many people take too many clothes on a first visit!

If you like to walk in the mountains, strong shoes are essential. Good trainers are OK for most of the year, as are strong sandals (not flip-flops or the like); in the cooler months, walking shoes are better, although you don't need boots. In mid-summer, some guests like to walk up mountain river beds to waterfalls; for this, some waterproof footwear is necessary.

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