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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Opening Doors to Invisible Worlds

A journey inward through myth and story

From Saturday Sep 14, 2019 to Saturday Sep 21, 2019
Book before 14/03/2019 only £685.00
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Later £745.00

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Awaken your inner Bard!

On this course you will learn a story and learn to tell it (without looking at the text). But more than that, we will explore the many layers in these deeply meaningful stories and find new insights through them into our own personal narratives.

We will be working with myths, folk tales and fairy stories, to help re-open overgrown paths which lead back to older and wiser ways of seeing and being. These old stories contain deep wisdom distilled over generations and describe a more connected world. We need to re-discover this connection to our own roots, so we can flourish and so also can our natural environment.

We will learn the ancient arts of oral storytelling, using visualisation, drama techniques and games, writing, movement and simple art activities.

No previous knowledge or experience is required.

Course Leader

Sarah Deco

Sarah has been working in the personal development and psychological health and well-being field for over 30 years. She creates safe and containing spaces in which each individual can unfold at their own pace and which combine fun and ‘serious play’. She is also a professional storyteller and brings a deep love of ancient wisdom and the sense of enchantment of traditional tales into her work.




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People Say…

"Excellent, a calm and wise presence "

Michael Stock