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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Taking Stock

A creative exploration of your personal story

From Saturday Sep 21, 2019 to Saturday Sep 28, 2019
Book before 21/03/2019 only £685.00
Book before 21/06/2019 only £715.00
Later £745.00

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From a point of stillness in the present moment, explore where you have come from and where you are going.

Drawing on Psychodrama, Playback Theatre, Storytelling, Ritual, Mindfulness, Movement, Writing and Image-Making, this therapeutic group will help you harness the power of spontaneity to:

- explore what has influenced you, what has fed your passion and what has held you back
- identify strengths, acknowledge resilience and celebrate achievements
- explore and unravel unresolved issues or past hurts
- breathe new life into old situations and imagine a positive future

In the beauty of the natural surroundings, we’ll also explore what meaning spirituality or the transpersonal
might have for you.

Playfulness, fun and an engaging group process will be part of this personal journey, for all ages and ability.

Course Leader

Gary Smith
Gary is a psychotherapist, supervisor and group facilitator
with over 30 years’ involvement in personal development
work. He has a relaxed and supportive style, is committed to
his own development, meditates and is a founder member
of Playback Edinburgh Theatre Company.



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People Say…

"The natural beauty of the area and the music and dance were moving while Cortijo itself and the warmth of the staff made it a wonderful wind down and letting go of a recent period of prolonged stress. It was life-enhancing!"

Barbara Bagione