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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Grateful Thoughts; Kind Actions

Benefitting ourselves and others

From Saturday Jul 20, 2019 to Saturday Jul 27, 2019
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We may all want to be kind and grateful, but sometimes it’s easier said than done! Here’s how to cultivate and keep those qualities easily accessible, even in stressful times. Why? Recent research shows that practicing them actually changes the neurological pathways in our brains, increasing our well-being and making us happier. So why not?

Discover how to develop and embrace simple, mindful, contemplative practices that uniquely suit and connect us with the goodness inside everybody. Learn how to bring these qualities to the wounded places within us and in the world, through self-compassion and forgiveness.

Enjoy this process as we gently surface the wisdom of the group, sharing delicious heart-opening conversation, deep quiet times, poems, art work and time outdoors in nature. Expect this soul fest to be sprinkled with a liberal seasoning of irreverent humour and plenty of time to chill out and relax.

Course Leader

Maggie (Star) Whiteley
Maggie is a powerful coach and educator with a passion for life-long learning and experience of a wide range of group methods. She is also a qualified Spiritual Companion. 'Effortlessly, inconspicuously brilliant, a master at work.' (Se habla español)



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Mar 2
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Coming Home To Yourself
with Judi Ledward
Mar 2 - 9
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