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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Flip To The Fun Side

The joys of improvisation, for art and for life..

From Saturday Jun 22, 2019 to Saturday Jun 29, 2019
Book before 22/03/2019 only £715.00
Later £745.00

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Want to be creative in specific ways like writing, performing or public speaking - or simply to enhance your confidence, spontaneity and social skills? Tthis couse will give you exciting new tools, and motivate your mind and body. It's designed to stimulate creativity by helping you to unlock the contents of your vast and fertile imagination (you have one, I promise). The course uses a wide range of games and exercises and covers: brainstorming, storytelling, creating characters, status-play, comedy-business, how to fail happily and trusting yourself. You’ll be taught by one of the U.K.’s most experienced improvisation practitioners. Oh, and we’ll laugh and laugh with glee!

Course Leader

Alison Goldie

Alison is a performer, theatre director, life coach and author of The Improv Book.

'I haven't had so much fun on a course for YEARS!! Alison was magnificent as a course leader. She clearly knows her subject VERY well and was able to demonstrate AND teach it really very effectively.' Michael Tipper




Live! Love! Laugh!
with Rachel Caine
Feb 23 -
Mar 2
`My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry' (Maya Angelou)

Coming Home To Yourself
with Judi Ledward
Mar 2 - 9
"The little things, the little moments, they aren’t little!". Jon Kabat-Zinn

People Say…

"Alison is a great course leader - a fantastic facilitator. She watches and listens to her students and ensures that everyone is brought into the activities in a way that best suits them and the rest of the group. She takes care of her group. "

Anne Gibson