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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

The De-Stress Effect

Mindful yoga and nutrition, for release and contentment

From Saturday Sep 21, 2019 to Saturday Sep 28, 2019
Book before 21/03/2019 only £685.00
Book before 21/06/2019 only £715.00
Later £745.00

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Learn how to:

- feel the effects that your own challenges have left and meet how your stresses are showing in your body;

- protect yourself from the effects of stress, through an explorative yoga practice, body awareness, mindfulness and nutritional choices;

- be whole again - calmer, more able to cope and free from stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, IBS, weight gain and skin issues.

In the context of modern life, the background science is explained in a palatable way to help you understand your own cravings and responses, create new habits, adapt and become more resilient to life's pressures. Through guided practice you will feel, rather than think your way to calm, happiness and health. The course is based on Charlotte’s latest book, “The De-Stress Effect” (Hay House 2015). On booking, you can buy it at a reduced rate if you wish to read it beforehand.

Course Leader

Charlotte Watts
Charlotte is an award-winning nutritional therapist, yoga teacher and author. She teaches for Yoga Campus, runs many classes elsewhere, lectures for The Minded Institute and writes for OM Yoga Magazine, Healthista and What Doctors Don’t Tell You.



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People Say…

"Charlotte was great. Very professional, and knowledgable and also very human. I would recommend her as a group leader to anyone. "

Nuria Grady