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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Creativity Through Writing

Find your voice and let your imagination run wild

From Saturday Oct 12, 2019 to Saturday Oct 19, 2019
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The aim is to get you excited about creative writing and give you the tools to start a habit that will feed your imagination for years to come. Using games and exercises, we’ll kickstart stories and breathe life into characters. We’ll look at plot and place, character, dialogue and humour, with no phones or laptops, just the soothing sound of ink on paper.

The emphasis will be on developing spontaneity and confidence in your writing. Learn where to find inspiration and how to keep your ideas coming. You don’t need ambitions of novel writing to enjoy this; it’s about writing as a way to wellbeing, a private space where you can explore and create. Beginners and regular writers are equally welcome.

"An incredibly enjoyable and useful course. Stimulating, inspirational and fun. Worth doing again and again. Great teacher.” Emma Silvester


Course Leader

Mandy Wheeler
Mandy is a writer with a background in directing and radio production. She also works as a consultant in business and higher education, helping organisations develop their creative practice and professional skills. Mandy’s approach is light-hearted and supportive with an emphasis on celebration rather than competition.



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