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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Living In The Light

Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Meditation

From Saturday Sep 14, 2019 to Saturday Sep 21, 2019
Book before 14/03/2019 only £685.00
Book before 14/06/2019 only £715.00
Later £745.00

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The goal of this high-powered retreat is to develop our true happiness, fulfilment and radiant health.
We will unfold our true human potential by drawing on thousands of years of accumulated ancient wisdom and practices by Masters of ancient cultures, combining this with modern cutting-edge scientific knowledge on how matter and energy can be transformed by consciousness and the mind.

We’ll share some powerful practices to increase the Chi and Light energy for:
- Awakening
- Healing
- Empowerment

These will include Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung sequences that will assist you to harness the awesome beauty of nature and to return home to your most natural state of being, that is filled with love and joy. You will understand the power of your own mind and learn a range of very practical spiritual tools to raise your consciousness and thus increase your capacity for true fulfilment and abundance in life.

Relax and share fun and laughter in a beautiful environment with a true Master of the Infinite Arts.

Course Leaders

Jason Chan

Jason is a renowned Tai Chi Master, powerful energy healer and spiritual teacher, with several awards for his inspiring work. He has created his own "Infinite" forms of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga. On this course, Jason is assisted by his wife Waisum, herself an outstanding teacher.

Jason Chan interview.

Article by Jason Chan

Waisum Chan

Waisum is a truly inspiring and highly experienced Tai Chi and Chi Yoga teacher.

As well as being a senior teacher on Jason Chan’s teacher training courses and retreats in the UK, Europe, Thailand and Bali, Waisum also runs her own teacher training courses and classes in the UK and has many dedicated students many of whom are now Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Yoga practitioners in their own right. She is a Lady Master of The Infinite Arts and Meditation. Waisum is also an accomplished energy and spiritual healer whose clients and students benefit greatly from her pure, healing energy and her radiant, compassionate and intuitive presence.



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People Say…

"Jason was very supportive to everyone in the group and very perceptive. "

Jenny Oliver