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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Coming Home To Yourself

"The little things, the little moments, they aren’t little!". Jon Kabat-Zinn

From Saturday Mar 02, 2019 to Saturday Mar 09, 2019
Cost: £725.00
Availability: YES

Our capacity for deep attention is eroded by 24-hour world news, social media and the expectation that we are always available to respond to others. We have enormous amounts of information and distraction in the palms of our hands; how can we stay centred if our minds are constantly wandering to check Instagram and Facebook? We can find it difficult to fully inhabit our bodies, and be aware of feelings and needs.

To find intimacy, creativity, clarity and meaning, we need to stop scattering our attention and find our own mind again. The aim of the course is to help you find an inner balance and the resources to regain the wonder and fulfilment of following your own rhythms.


Course Leader

Judi Ledward
Judi is a UKCP registered psychotherapist with over 30 years' experience helping others to empower themselves.



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People Say…

"The atmosphere created. Accepting, nurturing, playful. I feel I get back in touch with my creativity and `Self' here like nowhere else."

Sarah Deco