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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Pleased To Meet You

"We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep." ( William James)

From Saturday Oct 27, 2018 to Saturday Nov 03, 2018
Book before 27/07/2018 only £700.00
Later £730.00

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At a time when the world often seems divided, we need to find a place where we genuinely, respectfully and courageously can connect - with ourselves and with each other. A place to share our thoughts, feelings, visions,
hopes, and fears about our lives and about the world we live in.

It is in the deepest connections with others that we experience the greatest degree of learning, healing and transformation.

This workshop will provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space in which we can allow ourselves, through group exercises, writing and dialogue, to find the courage to fully experience and celebrate our
connection to ourselves, to others and to the world.

Course Leader

Adena Franses
Adena is a UK-Certified Transactional Analyst, psychotherapist and supervisor, working for more than 22 years with individuals, couples and groups. In 2001, she moved to Granada, Spain where she has established a full-time clinical psychotherapy and supervision practice.



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