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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Embracing The Tiger: Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Release the energy to refresh and empower yourself!

From Saturday Oct 27, 2018 to Saturday Nov 03, 2018
Cost: £730.00
Availability: YES

Powerful energies flow through us at all times, but we are usually not aware of, and so don’t live in harmony with them. With ancient Tai Chi and Chi Gong exercises, learn to directly experience your own unique energy and work with it to become more centred and calm.

The forms and exercises are simple and easy to learn, yet unlock our inner power. With varied activities to explore their symbolic and practical uses, plus a lot of fun and laughter, you will leave with a routine which you can include in your daily life. T'ai Chi practioners are called players; come and play!


Course Leader

Trevor Taylor
Trevor was our resident tai chi and chi gong teacher for many years, ran an organic farm, played in a local band and has an intimate knowledge of the area



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People Say…

"I really enjoyed and appreciated Trevor's course leadership. He has a light, gentle, unobtrusive touch in his facilitation but was always there for everyone and made the activities and outings fun. I greatly appreciated learning more Tai Chi with him "

Jane Reed