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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Singing In The New Year

Inspiring Eastern traditions - with added Spanish sunshine.

From Saturday Dec 29, 2018 to Saturday Jan 05, 2019
Book before 29/09/2018 only £710.00
Later £740.00

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Most people familiar with choral singing know the wonderfully rich, very different sounds of Russian and Eastern European choirs - and if you have never heard them, you are in for an ear-opening way to a joyous community experience.

You don't have to be Russian to do it; this is for anybody who wants to have a go, regardless of previous experience or musical knowledge. The content will be drawn from traditional Christmas and New Year songs, ritual music for pagan holidays, wedding and folk dance songs, Cossack music and beautiful lyrical pieces. While others look fearfully at foreign cultures, discover the riches of one!

There will also be time for all the usual holiday activities; massage, yoga, dance, walking in glorious nature, quiet times and more.

Course Leader

Polina Shepherd
Born in Siberia, Polina Shepherd (Skovoroda) started her musical training as a child around the family table. Whilst studying at the State Academy in Russia, she toured the dark Soviet theatres and performed to Boris Yeltsin and to the World in 1998-2002. As a programme director, educator and performer she has been involved in music festivals, conferences and seminars in eastern and western Europe, the USA and Brazil. Now living in Britain and with over 20 years of professional experience, Polina leads several choirs and continues to tour internationally. and



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People Say…

"The food was, I think, better than ever & the treatments I received, from Brian & Randal, were wonderful. Since returning I have been continuing to realise how truly nourishing last week was for my mood & for my spirit. Won't be long before my next visit."

Tim Haines