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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

The Creative Connection

A journey into deeper connection with yourself

From Saturday Jul 21, 2018 to Saturday Jul 28, 2018
Book before 21/04/2018 only £700.00
Later £730.00

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Take a pause out of your daily life, immerse yourself in stunning nature, drop into deeper connection with yourself, be inspired and energized, and return from this week having re-awakened your creative potential for life.

The focus is deepening connection, reflecting back, visioning forward, creating, dreaming, exploring, playing, journeying together. Supported by the beautiful environment and land around us, we will explore and navigate different landscapes through use of creative expression.

To delve into and explore our innate creativity and aliveness, we’ll use various techniques and tools including: Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Embodiment, Dance, Ritual, Enquiry, Group Process and Nature Connection.

In need of Inspiration? Feeling stuck? In need of replenishment? Just wanting to play and explore creatively? This workshop is for you!

Course Leader

Charlotte McLaughlin
Charlotte is a psychotherapist and coach working with individuals and couples. Her work is centred on intimacy and creativity. She adopts a body-mind-soul approach with individuals and groups, bringing an innate love of the wild, nature, movement practice, and creative expression.



Private Booking: A Bio-Energy Perspective.
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Mar 3
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People Say…

"Absolutely fantastic! I am going home much stronger, with wonderful memories and a whole lot of new friends. I enjoyed it 100%."

Rennie Cole