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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Opening Doors to Invisible Worlds

A journey inwards through myth and story

From Saturday Nov 03, 2018 to Saturday Nov 10, 2018
Book before 03/05/2018 only £670.00
Book before 03/08/2018 only £700.00
Later £730.00

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Re-awaken your sense of wonder and aliveness by working with myths, folk tales and wondertales. These stories contain deep wisdom distilled over generations and allow us to see our own lives as meaningfully connected to universal archetypal patterns. Walking their paths brings back a sense of magic into our lives and gives us guidance in moving forward. We will explore the riches of these stories, through creative visualisation and writing, movement and simple art activities.

This will be a relaxing and enlivening week, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful setting of Cortijo Romero at this lovely time of year.

Course Leader

Sarah Deco

Sarah has been working in the personal development and psychological health and well-being field for over 30 years. She creates safe and containing spaces in which each individual can unfold at their own pace and which combine fun and ‘serious play’. She is also a professional storyteller and brings a deep love of ancient wisdom and the sense of enchantment of traditional tales into her work.




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People Say…

"Immeasurable richness. Body, mind and soul filling."

Louise Swanston