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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Yoga and Alexander Technique

Learn the art of change

From Saturday Jul 28, 2018 to Saturday Aug 04, 2018
Book before 28/04/2018 only £700.00
Later £730.00

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Yoga and the Alexander Technique are different disciplines with the same goal, to bring mind and body into harmony to enable us to be at our best. Yoga gently eases tension from muscles and joints, leaving the body feeling refreshed and alive. This style uses movement coordinated with breath, to focus the mind and achieve states of deep relaxation. In stillness we can start to see how our mind is working.

Alexander Technique sessions show how to change our most common habits, such as how we sit, stand, walk, use a phone or computer. Through changing habits and releasing unnecessary tension in these common patterns of activity, rediscover freedom and ease in movement, leaving you feeling stronger, lighter, calmer and more confident.

No experience of either yoga or Alexander Technique is required.

Course Leader

Simon Owen
Simon worked as a research chemist before becoming a yoga teacher and trained in the Alexander Technique. He has taught in settings from business management college to prison; schools to retirement homes - and enjoys making the disciplines accessible to everyone. An outstanding teacher, working with people of all ages and abilities, known for his sensitive response to individual needs



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with Nuala Bent
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Mar 3
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Mar 3 - 10
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People Say…

"Well organised, but so relaxed and pleasant. Simon Owen is a true leader, his way of teaching is so enjoyable."

Adriana Siezen