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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Keeping A Sketchbook Journal

A uniquely personal way to recall experiences

From Saturday Jun 02, 2018 to Saturday Jun 09, 2018
Cost: £730.00
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Most of us carry a camera on holiday, to significant events - and nowadays almost everywhere. Although we may get a lot of images, they don't usually recall our personal response to an experience. There is another way…

A sketch enables us to record only what is significant for us, leaving out everything else to make a unique record. It takes longer too, so we are obliged to pay more attention and be more fully in the experience. As Roger puts it:

"For much of my life I carried a sketchbook when I’ve been travelling or simply going out locally. Generally, it’s not to make a sketch which I could turn into a painting later but as a way of seeing right now. When I look back at a sketch I can recall the place; its flavour and my feelings in a way that a photograph fails to capture."

Course Leader

Roger Hart
Roger is an artist, art therapist and Alexander Technique teacher. His friends urged him to share his long and joyful experience of keeping his sketchbook journal.



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People Say…

"I found Roger to be a good teacher, with a gentle relaxed approach. "

Jane Young