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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

The Splendour of Being

Relax, revitalise and taste the wonder of life!

From Saturday Jun 09, 2018 to Saturday Jun 16, 2018
Cost: £730.00
Availability: CALL

Being in the present moment is relaxing, enjoyable, reduces stress and can be used with body-mind meditations to promote physical, emotional and psychological well-being. It also offers the possibility of releasing emotional pain or opening to joy and even bliss. Combined with a warm, open heart and simple counselling tools, it enriches conversation and relationships. When attending to "being" our potential naturally blossoms.

We’ll use meditations, mindfulness exercises, paired conversations, group sharing, discussions, exploration of nature, movement, dance, poetry and gentle touch - with methods from many traditions for working with awareness and the body-mind (the unconscious). In an atmosphere of self and mutual respect, we’ll adopt the motto "I am not a problem to be solved, I am a mystery that is unfolding".

Learn to be present both for the pleasure of it and as a routine for replenishing your energy and having real connection with others!

Course Leader

Julian Russell
Julian has vast experience as psychotherapist and executive coach; holds a black-belt in Aikido; and is a long-term student of a Vajrayana Buddhist Master. He combines the best the best of Western with Eastern traditions, integrating body, mind, emotions and spirit.



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People Say…

"Excellent, wise, experienced, flexible and safe. "

Kay Coussens