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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Untangling Your Life

Explore and resolve personal, family and vocational issues with the powerful Constellations approach

From Saturday Aug 25, 2018 to Saturday Sep 01, 2018
Book before 25/02/2018 only £670.00
Book before 25/05/2018 only £700.00
Later £730.00

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In a safely supportive environment, Systemic Constellations offer a profound methodology that enables us to find the healing movement or resolution to complex or sometimes seemingly intractable personal issues. These issues may arise from family, relationships, career or existential and spiritual difficulties. We will work together to:

• support our wellbeing in the various groups (or “systems”) to which we belong

• explore the forces that underpin healthy, loving connection - looking at how key events and traumas in previous generations may be affecting our lives and relationships today

• restore peaceful purpose and gentle life-loving connections.

The non-profit Centre for Systemic Constellations (CSC), is the leading UK training provider of such methods, which are among the most important innovations of recent times for handling difficult human issues. Each year, their senior staff run holiday workshops at Cortijo Romero.


Course Leaders

Gaye Donaldson
Gaye has been a student and practitioner of systemic constellations since 1994 and is also a registered counsellor, working in the community and private sector. She is a Director of CSC and teaches on both its Foundation and Professional trainings.



Private Booking: A Bio-Energy Perspective.
with Nuala Bent
Feb 24 -
Mar 3
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Radiant Body, Beautiful Mind
with Jason Chan
Mar 3 - 10
Maturing gracefully with age

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