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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Miraculous Chi Healing and Living

A Retreat of Healing and Empowerment

From Saturday Jun 23, 2018 to Saturday Jun 30, 2018
Cost: £730.00
Availability: CALL

Practise the Infinite Arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation. You will learn and practise the Ling Chi 16 Healing Palms, a powerful internal self-healing exercise.

Explore the three healing principles of life:

1. Power of Life
Learn how to “Move like a Great River”. Cultivate the Chi (life force) healing power in nature and in life.

2. Love of Life
More than a positive attitude and behaviour, this is the very essence of existence, called the Love Energy Presence, where miracles happen naturally.

3. Wisdom of Life
The absence of wisdom is confusion and conflict. So be still like a great mountain; the wisdom is still in all of us. Reconnect to the innate intelligence in this awesome Universe. Starting with an open heart and mind, become the change we want to see within ourselves and our world: more radiant, loving and wiser.

Course Leader

Jason Chan

Jason is a renowned Tai Chi Master, powerful energy healer and spiritual teacher, with several awards for his inspiring work. He has created his own "Infinite" forms of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga. On this course, Jason is assisted by his wife Waisum, herself an outstanding teacher.

Jason Chan interview.

Article by Jason Chan




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People Say…

"I was very impressed by Jasons approach and the content of the course. I have practised Tai Chi for a number of years, although I have dropped it recently and I feel very inspired by his down to earth and deeply committed approach. "

Jenny Oliver