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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Radiant Body, Beautiful Mind

Maturing gracefully with age

From Saturday Mar 03, 2018 to Saturday Mar 10, 2018
Cost: £710.00
Availability: YES

Who does not want an uncluttered, intelligent mind and a bright, strong, flexible and sickness-free body?

Medical evidence shows that how we age is determined by lifestyle choices as well as heredity. Modifying factors such as diet and exercise give us a sacred opportunity to change the course of ageing and disease.

Explore the power of the “Three Treasures of Life” and how we can increase them to enhance our daily existence, increase happiness and fulfil our purpose while ageing gracefully:

• JING: Physical Essence, the foundation of vibrant and balanced health.

• CHI: The Universal life force that keeps every living thing "Alive".

• SHEN: The spirit or the spark of the will, enabling us to sharpen focus and concentration and expand consciousness.

The Infinite Arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung open and
nourish our energetic systems, with meditation and
contemplation to calm and clear the mind, thus
restoring its natural creative power.

Course Leader

Jason Chan

Jason is a renowned Tai Chi Master, powerful energy healer and spiritual teacher, with several awards for his inspiring work. He has created his own "Infinite" forms of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga. On this course, Jason is assisted by his wife Waisum, herself an outstanding teacher.

Jason Chan interview.

Article by Jason Chan




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"Charming, funny, very skilled. "

Dee Brown