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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Catch The Spirit

Get your mojo back!

From Saturday Feb 24, 2018 to Saturday Mar 03, 2018
Cost: £700.00
Availability: YES

Our connection to spirit is eternal, yet sometimes it goes missing in the buzz of the day. As long as there is a willingness to be open to the message that each day brings, there is the opportunity through creative action to reconnect with our lost joy and aliveness.

Hazel focuses upon building a supportive, trusting and joyful environmentto 'Catch the Spirit' as it flies. Explorations will include voice-work and singing; meditation; chi gong, art work; African and authentic dance - all traditional elements used to bond communities. Other sessions will use visualization, poetry, theatre games and Psychosynthesis, all helping to enhance the sense of wellbeing.

Course Leader

Hazel Carey
Hazel enjoys the play of what life has to offer and encourages others to listen creatively to where their passion wishes them to journey. Her recent published memoir 'Ubuntu - My Life in Other People', speaks of her life’s quest and how, through the support and kindness of many people who have graced her life, she has grown and flourished.



Private Booking
with Detox International
Jan 20 - 27
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Winter Walking
with Paul and Fiona Primarolo
Jan 27 -
Feb 3
Sunny days in mild winter weather and log fires at night - invigorating!

People Say…

"Joyful and life affirming."

Jane Ferguson