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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Starting Afresh

Time to let go of the old and welcome the new!

From Saturday Dec 30, 2017 to Saturday Jan 06, 2018
Cost: £695.00
Availability: CALL

This promises to be a wonderful week full of fun and
laughter, which are essential components of our
journey to health and happiness. We will live life to the
full, cherishing each moment and renewing our passion
for life!
There will be a mixed bag of activities with special
emphasis on singing and yoga. The singing will
be mostly informal, with no pressure to perform:
“Non-singers” are welcome. There will be daily yoga
sessions before dinner, with an emphasis on breathing,
relaxation, chanting and meditation, rather than on
physical exertion. Dance, massage, chi kung, ‘laughter
therapy’ will be included according to the needs of the
group, leaving time also for glorious walks in Europe’s
warmest climate.

Course Leader

Nigel Shamash
Nigel was the founder of Cortijo Romero and now runs a smaller programme at his house in France. He has had a profound interest in all aspects of the spiritual path for over 35 years. With great warmth and energy, he brings a light touch and a sense of humour. (Se habla español.)

"Shamash is an inspirational teacher with over 35 years of dedication to all aspects of the Spiritual Path. He lives and walks his daily life in joy and it is impossible to be around him and not feel your own sense of passion for life and happiness." - Ellie Blair, Kindred Spirit magazine



Private Booking
with Teen Yoga
Mar 31 -
Apr 7
Yoga and Mindfulness for parents and professionals working or living with young people

Sing Out!
with Kirsty Martin
Apr 7 - 14
Celebrate your voice in collective glory!

People Say…

"Nigel is a gem and it was a privilege to spend time with the founder of CR and hear about his experiences. He is warm energetic and humourous just like the brochure said. A kind, caring loving soul sensitive to each individual's needs. "

Cath Campbell