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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Christmas Week

A beautiful week of warm-heartedness and compassionate sharing

From Saturday Dec 23, 2017 to Saturday Dec 30, 2017
Cost: £695.00
Availability: CALL

Rachel will offer sessions in fun and laughter, dance, sacred clowning, writing and poetry, ritual and ceremony, with evening fireside time for music, singing and magical co-creation, as we relax and deepen our connections. There will be plenty of space to do your own thing, alongside mixing in community.

Other activities on offer range from meditation to
mountain walks to just chilling out, and we can surprise
each other by combining our gifts to strengthen our
roots, to discover greater balance and harmony as we
celebrate together.

Course Leader

Rachel Caine
Rachel creates communities of love, life and laughter. Her
training includes clowning, circus skills, mime and mask,
dance, voice work, laughter yoga and massage. She teaches
clowning internationally, conducts ceremonies and funerals
and writes poetry as “Doris, the new age guru”, Holy Fool
and Celebrant, who sits in a tree contemplating the funny
side of life.



Private Booking
with Teen Yoga
Mar 31 -
Apr 7
Yoga and Mindfulness for parents and professionals working or living with young people

Sing Out!
with Kirsty Martin
Apr 7 - 14
Celebrate your voice in collective glory!

People Say…

"I can come on my own. I meet lovely people. Its like going home, except it is nicer."

Carolyn Wilson