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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Conscious Happiness

What affects our happiness and what we can do to improve it

From Saturday Sep 02, 2017 to Saturday Sep 09, 2017
Cost: £695.00
Availability: CALL

40% of what makes us happy is within our control - if only we know what to do! Here’s your chance to learn that, practise it and prepare to make it part of your daily life.

The content comes from large scientific projects in positive psychology (which generally confirm the wisdom and methods of many ancient traditions). It includes:

- Ten keys to happiness
- What really matters in life
- Finding peace of mind
- How should we treat others?
- Can we be happy at work?
- Trust in ourselves and others
- Building new habits and achievable goals
- Building happier communities
- Building the future for ourselves and communities

There will be a rich variety of methods, activating heart, mind and different ways of learning, with emphasis on practising different ways of being and relating. Short term goals or exercises will be set between sessions. `Buddy' pairs will support each other.

Course Leaders

Claudia Tofts
Claudia is a counsellor, tai chi teacher, group facilitator and family mediator.

Paul Tofts
Paul is a retired physicist, enthusiast for Biodanza and frequent participant on our courses. Together, they run some of the the UK’s national Action For Happiness courses, in Brighton. More...



Yoga And Sound
with Leah Barnett
Sep 23 - 30
A gentle retreat, suitable for all abilities

The Way Of The Heart
with Javier Rodriguez
Sep 23 - 30
The process of human transformation

People Say…

"Just a fantastic mix of choreography and technique. Actually learnt a routine one could repeat and perform with joy. Anna is the best teacher of Flamenco I have experienced. She is so open, warm and her ability to isolate problems and solve them is incredible. She was also so fun and it ws just a delight. The entire experience. A unique mix of holiday, and development. Also the quiet orchard was a magical place. Where one could feel quiet and yet with company - I have to say I did not really believe what I read in the brochure but this is a truly special place and retreat."

Georgina Roberts