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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Yoga, Life And Laughter

From the stillness of yoga to the joy of your heart

From Saturday Jul 01, 2017 to Saturday Jul 08, 2017
Cost: £695.00
Availability: CALL

Part of you wants to go on a retreat holiday and take time to relax, practice yoga and meditate. Another part of you wants to play, to express yourself and have fun.

Well, worry not - for this holiday brings these two elements together in a juicy, holistic sandwich of yin and yang. Each day we will energise, recharge and nurture ourselves through the practice of mindful hatha yoga. We will then take this newfound energy and use it to explore our playfulness and self-expression.

Our palette will include dance and rhythm, humour and clowning, massage and mime and perhaps even painting and poetry. All of these elements will be brought together in a hearty soup of active meditation and celebration, with an emphasis on participation rather than performance

Fancy a go?

Wholeness the goal, stillness the base, aliveness the path

Here's what a previous participant said:-

" I lost three things from your workshop - a numb heart, a stiff body and a disease called seriousness. Thank you for taking these away"

Course Leader

Ailon Freedman
Ailon has run workshops in yoga, humour, drumming, self-expression and wellbeing for nearly 20 years in both the corporate and personal development worlds. He believes that the spiritual path - however sincere and deep - should be firmly grounded in a strong sense of laughter and joy.



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People Say…

"Very friendly and relaxed. "

Michelle Dennison