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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

The Alexander Technique

From Saturday Jun 03, 2017 to Saturday Jun 10, 2017
Cost: £695.00
Availability: Full

Today a great many of us would like to improve our posture, as rounded shoulders or arched backs have become commonplace in our society. Poor posture can be directly responsible for a multitude of health problems including backache, neck, hip and knee pain, arthritis, insomnia, breathing problems, poor circulation, high blood pressure, stress, depression and anxiety - to name but a few! Many people think that improving posture can be done by ‘sitting up straight’ or ‘pulling the shoulders back, but nothing could be further from the truth, as this just makes it worse.

During the week you will improve posture by using the Alexander Technique. The technique is not so much something you learn as something you unlearn. It is a method of releasing unwanted muscular tension throughout your body that has accumulated over many years of stressful living. It can help you to become more aware of balance, posture and co-ordination while performing everyday actions. This brings into consciousness tensions throughout our body that have previously gone unnoticed, and it is these which are very often the root cause of many common ailments.

When applying the Alexander Technique you will learn how to release the unconscious tension in the muscles that has built up over many years. You will also learn new ways of moving while performing everyday tasks and discover ways of sitting, standing and walking that will put less strain on the bones, joints and muscles, thus making your body work more efficiently. In fact, many people who practice the technique experience a general feeling of lightness throughout their bodies and even describe the sensation as 'walking on air'. Since our physical state directly affects our mental and emotional well-being, people often say that they feel much calmer and happier even after just a few Alexander lessons, often resulting in less domestic tension and a greater ability to cope with life in general. The Alexander Technique along with the tranquil atmosphere of Cortijo Romeo is the perfect combination for a very relaxed week!

Course Leader

Richard Brennan
Richard has taught the Alexander Technique since 1989 and written 8 books about it, translated into 21 languages and on sale world-wide. He has appeared on TV in UK Ireland Croatia and Montenegro and been featured on variety of radio stations and in many newspapers and magazines. Richard travels widely, giving talks and presenting courses on the Technique, as well as being the director of Ireland's only Alexander Teacher Training College.



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People Say…

"Richards sessions were always calm and never judgmental, his solutions and instructions were inspirational and hopefully life changing for many of us. "

Lisa Barker