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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

The Gift: Being Man, Being Woman

Love your being, life and relationships - free of self-limiting patterns.

From Saturday Apr 23, 2016 to Saturday Apr 30, 2016
Cost: £630.00
Availability: YES

A carefully guided journey back through your significant relationships to the beginning of your life. It is designed to restore and awaken inner resources that you have lost or put to sleep as you grew up, and to help you learn to enjoy your life and relationships free of the influence of old patterns. This offers a way both to experience and appreciate the gift of your own unique being as man or woman and to bring more joy and ease into your connections with others.

The process includes guided journeys and processes, touch and nurturing physical contact with others; trance, guided meditations, circle work and dance.

How far and how deeply you travel is really up to you. The course is a way to come to love your being as man or woman and to live yourself more fully every day. It can help you to make fundamental changes and to create your life anew.

Course Leader

Jan Day
Jan has run workshops focused on intimacy, sexuality,
relationships, forgiveness, self-acceptance and life vision
since 1999. She is held in high regard for her compassion,
integrity and insight.




Live! Love! Laugh!
with Rachel Caine
Feb 23 -
Mar 2
`My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry' (Maya Angelou)

Coming Home To Yourself
with Judi Ledward
Mar 2 - 9
"The little things, the little moments, they aren’t little!". Jon Kabat-Zinn

People Say…

"Superb - Jan is a star and a totally inspiring, safe and professional course leader. "

Amanda Hall