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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

The Course Programme

People frequently say they've had their best holiday ever at Cortijo Romero and we plan to keep it that way. So what part do the courses play in it all?

Firstly, they help participants get beyond superficial relationships and to enrich and deepen the whole holiday experience. Then there are three strands in our approach:

- Celebration

of yourself, others, society, culture, nature, the universe - simply enjoying life.

- Personal Development

Activities to help you find and express your potentials.

- Clearing The Way

A variety of therapeutic and other supportive activities to deal with anything which is blocking the first two.

Most courses and workshops focus on celebration and development, with a few on therapy. Whatever the primary focus, it is nearly always necessary to spend some time on all three aspects - especially celebration, so that you can enjoy life to the full!

Courses generally last 18-20 hours, spread over the week.

Tai chi or yoga, dance, walking, swimming, Spanish lessons and a day's excursion are included in all holidays. Three or four types of optional extra individual session are available every week. 

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People Say…

"I had an absolutely fab time last week at CR. Working with Kinny was a complete joy, but what happens there couldn't be nearly as good if CR itself wasn't such a glorious, beautiful, very special and well-run place that feels like home to me."

Tim Haines