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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Tom Morley and Dawn Ellis

Tom’s life in music started as a drummer and founder member of the 70’s/80’s group Scritti Politti. Always interested in empowering people through re-introducing them to their own creativity (often stifled by school teachers) he’s worked out ways to fast-track people back to themselves. Tom passionately shares what he’s learned about art, rhythm and harmony. From playing drums with the band Scritti Politti in his 20’s, through song writing, studying psychology and facilitation, he now creates teamwork in groups from 5 to 5000 strong.

Fascinated by the creative process Tom is passionate about sharing what he’s learned about art, rhythm and harmony over the past 59 years. From playing kit drums with the Art School band Scritti Politti in his 20’s, through songwriting in his 30’s, to studying psychology and facilitation in his 40’s, Tom eventually set up Instant Teamwork International in his 50’s.


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People Say…

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have been doing courses and workshops for the last 25 years and have tried all kinds of things. This was one of my favourites, if not favourite, in terms of content. It was so varied as it had drumming, singing, dancing, writing poetry, storytelling, as well as looking at the deeper issues and blocks we may have… There was time for tears and laughter, it was really great. I would recommend it to everyone! "

Louise Merrick

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