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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Waisum Chan

Waisum is a truly inspiring and highly experienced Tai Chi and Chi Yoga teacher.

As well as being a senior teacher on Jason Chan’s teacher training courses and retreats in the UK, Europe, Thailand and Bali, Waisum also runs her own teacher training courses and classes in the UK and has many dedicated students many of whom are now Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Yoga practitioners in their own right. She is a Lady Master of The Infinite Arts and Meditation. Waisum is also an accomplished energy and spiritual healer whose clients and students benefit greatly from her pure, healing energy and her radiant, compassionate and intuitive presence.
Wai Sum Chan'sperformance of the story of 'The Lotus Flower' is her graceful interpretation of the beauty of Infinite Tai Chi:

Courses with Waisum Chan

Movement In The Light
March 30th - April 6th

Living In The Light
September 14th - September 21st