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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Charlotte McLaughlin

Charlotte is a UKCP reg psychotherapist, creative therapist and coach working with individuals and couples. Her work is centred on intimacy and creativity. She adopts a body-mind-soul approach with individuals and groups, bringing an innate love of the wild, nature, movement practice, and creative expression to her work.

What previous Creative Connection participants have said:

“This retreat was a magical experience. Charlotte has a very calming, reassuring presence which means that she is able to create a space that feels both creative and safe. I can’t recommend her creative connection retreat highly enough. It allowed me to get in touch with myself and explore parts of my personality that I had either forgotten or buried in a way that was profound but also joyful. Working with Charlotte gave way to healing, play and self-expression in ways that I had not anticipated and I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such a talented, warm-hearted and professional facilitator. Thank you. ” Faye R, London, consultant

“Charlotte and her course was honestly amazing. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but was open to experiences that might enrich my practice and also provide for a different style of holiday. It did that and more. It opened within me a window to be able to see myself more clearly and honestly. Returning to the UK I had a renewed and awoken sense of myself. I'd experienced a deeper more honest confidence which I was able to believe in and act upon. 5 months on and I still hold those feelings which continue to enhance my work and life. Thank you so much.” Claire D, Leeds, child counsellor

“Charlotte’s presence is healing. Her curiosity, open-mindedness and passion for the human experience not just allowed my feelings to be validated, but also cherished, as though they might be a gateway to something wonderful. She is honest and faithful; with genuine talent for the human transformation process. ” — Paul M, Liverpool, England

Additional testimonials:

“This workshop felt profound, I was able to experience a deeper connection with myself through play, dance, colour and form, being seen and accepted. I gained a road map for ways to integrate these experiences and support into my life. I gained an excitement about making creativity a part of my life. I knew I was a creative person but this has been stifled by an internal lack of permission to lose control and make a mess. I found the art a powerful way to process my feelings where words have at times led me in circles. This feels like a real gift. Charlotte’s message of creating space and embracing all parts of ourselves is so loud and so vital.” Dianne P, London, psychiatrist

“I found this workshop incredibly releasing. I was able to reconnect with my creative drive and my emotions through dance, music, creating images and being in contact with nature in a very empowering way. Charlotte gave me permission and the safety to experience a whole host of feelings through individual exploration and as part of the group. She lead the workshop with inspiring honesty and vitality. All of this enabled some important shifts which meant I could create intentions to take forward into my life.” Ann C, London, arts psychotherapist


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People Say…

"Very amiable, competent, clear, supportive, encouraging, inspiring. I would gladly do another week with Charlotte. "

John Anthony Coyle

Courses with Charlotte McLaughlin

Creative Connections
October 26th - November 2nd