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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Sarah Deco

Sarah Deco is an art therapist and group analyst., working as a supervisor and consultant for the NHS and other organisations, as well as in private practice.She has been involved in training art therapists and psychotherapists for many years.

The main focus of her work currently is exploring narrative and unconscious processes in groups and organisations through activities such as Social Dreaming and storytelling. She trained as a storyteller at the International School of Storytelling and combines her telling of traditional tales with workshops and discussion particularly around the theme of the environment.
She is on the management committee of The Climate Psychology Alliance which aims to provide a forum for exploring the psychological aspects of climate change and our difficulty in responding to it.

She taught Raqs Sharqi, (Egyptian dance) for many years under the name Sara Kahan.

Sarah is a member of the Institute of Group Analysis, the British Association of Art Therapists and is registered by the UK Council of Psychotherapy and the Health Professions Council.

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Courses with Sarah Deco

Opening Doors to Invisible Worlds
November 3rd - November 10th