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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Alison Armstrong

Alison is an experienced mindfulness and yoga teacher, and has completed a pioneering research PhD on mindfulness and its link to sustainability.

Alison works in a style that’s open and welcoming. She aims to create a suitable environment for meditation that feels safe and supported. Into this space, she gently introduces mindfulness in a way that the practices themselves can generate insights, help us know and trust our intuition, and trigger positive changes. We don’t have to “do” anything, we simply pay attention.

Her kindly and self-compassionate approach recognises that mindfulness, like life, isn’t always easy or without challenges and paradoxes. She encourages all to take care of themselves, and to develop the ability to make wise choices for well-being.

Alison has been studying mindfulness formally through her PhD research since 2007, and trained as a teacher through the Mindfulness Centre for Practice and Research at Bangor University. She completed the Level I training in 2011 and Level II in 2015. Her PhD, completed in 2012 at the University of Surrey, explored mindfulness in the context of sustainability. She is also a qualified yoga teacher, having trained with the Devon School of Yoga between 2003 and 2005. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Maths with Engineering, a master’s degree in Sustainable Development, and worked for 10 years in engineering-related positions in the UK and USA.

Alison teaches, on average, 8 MBSR courses a year - run privately, for NHS staff, for corporations, and for a charity working with those suffering from mild-moderate mental health conditions. She receives ongoing supervision for her mindfulness teaching, and regularly attends training and retreats. In the past she has taught yoga in a major engineering firm and for charitable organisations. Alongside her teaching, she continues to do research (currently on resilience and coping), and she writes articles for the popular and academic presses.


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People Say…

"Alison was excellent: she led the course assertively and with compassion, authority and tremendous knowledge and expertise. I was particularly struck by her ability to invite participants to tap into their own thoughts, feelings and questions so effectively. The pace was just right. "

Sally Dalton

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