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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Beverley A'Court

Expressive art has been a vital process for Beverley from childhood, enriched with many years’ experience in art and body therapies, Buddhist meditation practices, deep ecology and her love of poetry.
Qualifications: BSc.Soc.Sci. Joint Hons. Philosophy & Psychology, Dip AT. 1981 Non-certificated CPD trainings include: Gestalt Therapy, Process-Oriented Therapy, Shiatsu, Authentic Movement, Deep Ecology.

Long term involvement & training in Mindfulness meditation & Visualisation techniques & a long term & ongoing participation in a variety of dance-movement practices. I am developing methods which combine Constellation/Systemic approaches with art therapy.

I am a Self-employed & sessional Art Therapist with a small private practice, training workshop leader for post-graduate Art Therapy & other professional level courses & Findhorn Foundation Community member since 1996.

Previous employment includes hospitals, prisons, schools, day & elderly care centres, & adult education facilitating community & professional groups, I developed & led the Visionary Art module for the Findhorn Foundation 'Essence of the Arts in Community' Programme for 8 seasons & have contributed to many other events & conferences on ecological & spiritual themes & many community celebrations. I believe that any experience can be a doorway for developing our compassionate witnessing & a more inclusive, expanded sense of self & reality. Visual plastic art can provide the 'positive mirror' we often need to achieve this & art therapy groups the support to risk this adventure.

I continue to practice as a visual artist & write, publish & perform my poetry. I see the arts as humanity's most ancient healing & transformative practices,ways to express & explore deep experience that often results in renewed connection to self, world & vitality. I I am committed to co-developing culturally permeable forms of therapy & trainings; innovative but grounded in cultural traditions.

Current activity & research interests:
1. Developing holistic art therapy practice & methods: integrating embodiment, mindfulness & ecological field awareness into therapeutic practice, while retaining the best of psychodynamic & evidence-based approaches.

2. Developing Trans-Cultural Art Therapy Core Skills Courses & materials & online course modules for distance Art Therapy


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People Say…

"Beverly is very warm and receptive; I liked her enthusiasm and commitment; also her flexibility in adapting to the needs and wishes of the group. "

Mary Wallace

Courses with Beverley A'Court

The Garden Of The Heart
August 31st - September 7th