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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Beverley A'court

Expressive art has been a vital process since my childhood, enriched with many years’ experience in art and body/dance-movement therapies, Buddhist meditation, Deep Ecology and a love of gardening, tree planting and poetry. I see the arts as humanity's most ancient healing & transformative practices, ways to express & explore deep experience that often results in renewed connection to self, natural world & vitality. I am committed to co-developing culturally permeable forms of therapy & trainings; innovative but grounded in our embodied life, ecological systems and cultural traditions.

Qualifications: BSc.Soc.Sci. Joint Hons. Philosophy & Psychology, Dip AT. 1981 Non-certificated CPD trainings include: Gestalt Therapy, Process-Oriented Therapy, Shiatsu, Authentic Movement, Deep Ecology.

My art therapy style has evolved and transformed to become increasingly systemic and ecologically oriented, inspired and informed by seeveral indigenous healing tradtions which have art at their core as a connctor to nature and holistic wisdom. I have developed and now teach many holistic, systemic art therapy approaches which regard each individual's health and healing as grounded in the health of the whole ecological field.

I work partly from my home studio and as a training workshop leader for post-graduate Art Therapy & other professional level courses internationally & have been a Findhorn Foundation Community member since 1996.

My previous employment includes hospitals, prisons, schools, day & elderly care centres, & adult education facilitating community & professional groups, Visionary Art modules for the Findhorn Foundation 'Essence of the Arts in Community' Programme & many other events & conferences on ecological & spiritual educational and therapeutic themes & many community celebrations.
I believe that any experience can be a doorway for developing our compassionate witnessing, our core pure awareness & a more inclusive, expanded sense of self & reality. Visual-plastic arts provide the 'positive mirror' we often need to achieve this & art therapy groups the support to risk this adventure.

I continue to practice as a visual artist & publish & perform my poetry.

My current activity & research interests include launching a new International Post-Graduate Ecological Art Therapy training course, working as Art Therapy Consultant for Ecologia Youth Trust, acting as supervisor and mentor in holistic and trans-cultural art therapy practice & methods: integrating mindfulness, somatic awareness, ecological field awareness & ancient wisdom traditions into art therapeutic theory and practice & developing methods from within a paradigm of interdependence.


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People Say…

"Beverly is very warm and receptive; I liked her enthusiasm and commitment; also her flexibility in adapting to the needs and wishes of the group. "

Mary Wallace

Courses with Beverley A'court

The Garden Of The Heart
August 31st - September 7th